Преподаватель Инглиш Шоу Wade



Страна: USA permanent place (but will be teaching from Thailand)

Образование: University of Connecticut

Работает с: Teenagers to Adults preferred.

Возрастные группы: дети, подростки, взрослые

Направление английского языка, экзамены, к которым готовите: Conversation practice, Medical terminology, Professional vicabulary, HR interview preparation, Websites/Online Business/Investment Consulting. Toefl/Ielts Pet and Ket , academic- University level English.

Расскажите немного о себе

I’m a TESOL-certified English teacher and Examiner with over 10 years of experience(Cambridge exams). Teaching and helping people is my passion. I travel and keep an open and respectful mind, learning new cultures and do not criticize or put down. I have been told on several occasions that I cook the best homemade pizza ever. Sometimes I work so much that I forget the housework. I like travelling and learning cultures, currently I’m looking to improve my Japanese language and other languages.

Как Вы ведете свои уроки? Какие методики и подходы Вы используете?

I believe my classes should be engaging and fun and the curriculum is tailored to student needs. I design each lesson specifically for the stident. I do my best to encourage and inspire students to speak more and better.

Как Вы решили стать преподавателем английского языка?

I like learning cultures and travelling more than anything and despite my successful career in the US, teaching English can be fulfilling anf rewarding, we live to learn new cultures not something we already know.

Ваш девиз или любимое высказывание?

If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.

Расскажите немного о своих хобби?

Travelling, cooking, learning cultures, teaching.

Что для Вас English Show School?

Meet students from all walks of life, help them in achieving they goals.

Уровень знаний подтвержден

Репетитор предоставил международный сертификат или успешно прошел тест с заданиями уровня ЕГЭ и олимпиад по английскому языку.


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